Imfeld Gwenaël DR CNRS, Scientific coordinator, responsible for Task (T) 0 and subtask (ST) 2.1.
Payraudeau Sylvain PR-ENGEES, Responsible for T2, and ST2.3 & 3.1
Guyot Benoit AI CNRS, Pesticides and stable isotope analyses involved mainly in T2
Pernin Eric T ENGEES, Field instrumentation & sampling, water & sediment analysis (T1 & T2)


Probst Jean-Luc DR CNRS, Responsible for T 5 (results’ dissemination) & involved in T1 & T3
Probst Anne DR CNRS, Responsible for ST1.3 & involved in T2 & T3
Sánchez-Pérez José Miguel DR CNRS, Responsible for ST 3.3 and involved in T3
Guiresse Maritxu PR INPT, Soil Science, pollutant transfers in soils, mainly involved in ST1.1, 3.2 & ST3.4
Sauvage Sabine IR CNRS, Responsible for T 3 & ST2.3 & T4
Alexandre Hugues IE CNRS, Responsible for T 4 (Database management)
Dalger Daniel IE CNRS, Pesticide analysis, mainly involved in T1 & T2
Moussa Issam IE CNRS, Stable isotope analysis, mainly involved in T1& T2
Riboul David IE INPT, Pesticide analysis, mainly involved in T1& T2
Payre Virginie T INPT, Physico-chemical analysis of waters and sediments, mainly involved in T1


Chapron Emmanuel PR UT2J, Pond sedimentation, geomorphology, bathymetry, involved mainly in ST1.1

INRAE – Anthony

Tournebize Julien IDEA-IRSTEA, Responsible for T1 & ST 2.2. Soil science, hydrology
Chaumont Cédric IE, Responsible for ST1.2. Monitoring and experiments
Lebrun Jérémie CR, Ecological modelling (pollutant transfer in biota), mainly involved in ST1.2 & 2.2
Ginzburg Irina IR, Modelling (Stocke-Brinkman-Darcy approach), mainly involved in ST 2.3 & 3.1

INRAE – Bordeaux

Macary Francis IDEA-IRSTEA,Responsible for ST1.1 & 3.2
Uny Daniel EI IRSTEA,GIS, mainly involved in ST1.1 & 3.2
Petit Kevin T,GIS, mainly involved in ST1.1& 3.2